Re-Elect Debra Chute to Board of Education

Debra Chute is the current Chair of the Avon Board of Education. Elected in 2015, she was chosen by the Board to be its Chair in 2017. A 15-year resident of Avon, Debra is a photographer by trade. The mother of three children, her oldest just graduated from Avon High School and her younger two attend Avon schools. Debra has served many roles on Avon parent/teacher organizations, including Co-President at Thompson Brook School.

Why I’m Running

Education is the foundation for everyone’s growth and success. Engaging in meaningful conversations about how to best serve the children of our community is a privilege and an honor. I am incredibly proud of the work that we have accomplished during my four-year term on the Board. I would like to continue contributing to the welfare of our Avon community by leading on the Avon Board of Education. Every child needs a safe and nurturing environment to develop into their best selves.

In the last four years, we have re-energized our teachers and staff through the hiring of Superintendent Dr. Bridget Carnemolla, we have significantly upgraded our levels of security in all of our school buildings, and we have reinstated social workers as a professional field on our staff, to name a few accomplishments.

As your representative on the Board of Education, I will continue to work to:

  • Serve all of our students’ academic needs.
  • Foster a healthy and safe school environment.
  • Advocate for the critical role that education plays in our community.

Thank you,

Debra Chute

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TOWN COUNCIL:  Charles Harvell  |  Dan Polhamus  | Anthony Weber

BOARD OF EDUCATION:  Jackie Blea | Debra Chute | Jason Indomenico | Houston Putnam Lowry | Laura Young

BOARD OF FINANCE:  Ellen Retelle  |  Catherine Lester Salchert | Wendy Tangman

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  Eileen Carroll | Christy Yaros

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS:  Kimberly Kersey | Bob Yass

Approved by and paid for by Avon Dems 2019 Municipal Slate Committee, Joanne Beers, Treasurer.

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