Re-Elect Jason Indomenico to Board of Education

Attorney Jason Indomenico was elected to the Avon Board of Education in November 2017 after being appointed in May 2017 to fill a vacancy. He currently serves on the Board of Education’s policy and personnel committees and is a member of the committee that was responsible for selecting Avon’s superintendent of schools.

Jason is a lifelong Connecticut resident who has lived in Avon for the last 12 years. He earned his law degree by working full time during the day and going to law school at night. He and his wife Catherine have two sons, Eli and Leo, who attend Avon public schools. Jason is active in the community and has coached Little League baseball and recreational basketball. He is also a member of the Prince Thomas of Savoy Italian club in Avon and serves on their scholarship committee.

Why I’m Running

  • We need to protect Avon’s greatest asset: our public schools.
  • I want my children and all children in Avon to have opportunity to maximize their success.
  • It’s important to take action, not “arm-chair quarterback.”
  • It’s more important than ever to protect local community with federal uncertainty.
  • I will seek increased opportunities for Avon students, both academic and technical.
  • My focus will continue to be keeping local control of schools while finding opportunities for voluntary cost sharing with other towns and finding ways for Avon to give more to our residents.

Avon has come to expect top-tier public education. We must continue to provide this to our community despite the financial challenges we are currently facing. The easy answer to this problem is to reduce spending by reducing what is offered in our schools. The right answer to this problem is to find creative and responsible ways to provide more with less, by working with the Town Council and the Board of Finance to find ways to share services and reduce duplicative expenditures within Avon itself. Also, we must work with our neighboring towns to explore opportunities for sharing costs for the benefit of both Avon and the Farmington Valley as a whole.

We live in serious times that require strong leaders who we can rely upon to make smart choices. I look forward to continuing to provide reasonable, rational, and responsible leadership to guide Avon forward and to maintain the outstanding public education that our community demands and deserves.

Thank you,

Jason Indomenico

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TOWN COUNCIL:  Charles Harvell  |  Dan Polhamus  | Anthony Weber

BOARD OF EDUCATION:  Jackie Blea | Debra Chute | Jason Indomenico | Houston Putnam Lowry | Laura Young

BOARD OF FINANCE:  Ellen Retelle  |  Catherine Lester Salchert | Wendy Tangman

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  Eileen Carroll | Christy Yaros

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS:  Kimberly Kersey | Bob Yass

Approved by and paid for by Avon Dems 2019 Municipal Slate Committee, Joanne Beers, Treasurer.

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