Elect the A Team: Vote Row A Only Democrats Nov. 7!

Who’s excited to vote ONLY #AvonDems on Nov. 7? When the ballot says you can choose a maximum number of candidates for each category, remember you do not have to choose the maximum — it’s best for #AvonDems if you only choose the Democrats on Row A! And don’t forget to flip the ballot to the back side to choose Row A Democrats there too. See you at the polls!

US Rep. Elizabeth Esty Endorses All 11 #AvonDem Candidates!

Our entire slate of 11 #AvonDems municipal candidates is proud to have earned the endorsement of CT. Rep. Elizabeth Esty, who is urging local Democrats to get out and vote Nov. 7 for Democratic candidates who will “bring transparency, support our schools, and make good decisions in our local community.” Check out her video, below.

Thanks to All who Supported #AvonDems at our 8/28 fundraiser!

Photos of #AvonDems Events

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