Elect Catherine Lester Salchert to Board of Finance

Attorney Cathy Lester Salchert is currently serving on the Avon Board of Finance after being appointed to fill a vacancy in February 2019. She has extensive experience in municipal contracts and ordinances and focuses on probate administration, small business insurance issues, and pro bono law. Her experience includes advocating for passage of Tobacco 21 on behalf of the AHA and working with organizations that help elderly and low income individuals stay in their homes.

Cathy has lived in Avon for 15 years with her husband Andrew and their two teenage children  Rosemary, a recent Avon High School graduate, Brian, an AHS junior, plus her four fur babies: the pugs Oscar and Friday, the Maltese Frankie, and Raven the cat. Cathy is a legislative advocate with the American Heart Association and a volunteer with the Farmington Valley Trails Council and Friends of Avon Library.

Why I’m Running

I ran for office in 2017 as an alternative to despairing over the state of our national politics. I want to work toward returning “politics” to being about elected officials working together toward a common vision for our community (and for our country) and not about winners and losers (and those with power and those without power). Leaders of different parties will disagree on the means of solving particular problems, but we can still treat each other with respect, listen to understand each other and work to find a way forward. We have to start by getting out the message that, as US Rep. Jahana Hayes likes to say, “your vote is your voice.” I want voters to believe that their voice matters, that their vote is their political voice and that voting is the key to keeping our community and country on the right track.

Campaigning in Avon, I met many like-minded people who were happy to meet me and to tell me their views on issues. And almost all people I’ve talked to are tired of the inability of leaders of different parties to find common ground and work together to solve our common problems; paying higher taxes for fewer services, storefronts on Route 44 that have been empty for years; finding jobs, paying for healthcare, college and sometimes basic needs. Government and politicians are a big part of the problem in the minds of many people, at least until they meet a new Democrat! In Avon, I want government to be part of the solution to making our community the best it can be.

Thank you,

Catherine Lester Salchert

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TOWN COUNCIL:  Charles Harvell  |  Dan Polhamus  | Anthony Weber

BOARD OF EDUCATION:  Jackie Blea | Debra Chute | Jason Indomenico | Houston Putnam Lowry | Laura Young

BOARD OF FINANCE:  Ellen Retelle  |  Catherine Lester Salchert | Wendy Tangman

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  Eileen Carroll | Christy Yaros

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS:  Kimberly Kersey | Bob Yass

Approved by and paid for by Avon Dems 2019 Municipal Slate Committee, Joanne Beers, Treasurer.

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