Elect Bob Yass to Board of Assessment Appeals

Bob Yass brings his experience as former Vice President and Associate General Counsel at The Hartford to Avon’s Board of Assessment Appeals race. An Avon resident for two years, and longtime West Hartford resident prior to that, Bob holds a Juris Doctor degree and a Master of Laws degree in human rights and social justice. Bob is a trustee with the Jewish Community Foundation and director of Jewish Federations of North America. He and his wife, Mary-Jane Eisen, have two adult children, Alicia and Warren.

Why I’m Running

As a candidate for the Board of Assessment Appeals, I want all taxpayers with concerns about their property appraisal to know that they will be fairly heard and respected. I am excited to be running with such a dedicated team of Democratic nominees for these important elected Avon positions. I am especially excited to be running for the Board with Kimberley Kersey who will bring a wealth of experience and perspective to this important work.

As your representative on the Board of Assessment Appeals, I will work to:

  • Maintain Avon as a thriving, family-focused community.
  • Foster responsible and sustainable growth.
  • Promote a welcoming and respectful town.

Thank you,

Bob Yass

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TOWN COUNCIL:  Charles Harvell  |  Dan Polhamus  | Anthony Weber

BOARD OF EDUCATION:  Jackie Blea | Debra Chute | Jason Indomenico | Houston Putnam Lowry | Laura Young

BOARD OF FINANCE:  Ellen Retelle  |  Catherine Lester Salchert | Wendy Tangman

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  Eileen Carroll | Christy Yaros

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS:  Kimberly Kersey | Bob Yass

Approved by and paid for by Avon Dems 2019 Municipal Slate Committee, Joanne Beers, Treasurer.

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