Re-Elect Laura Young to Board of Education

Laura Young is currently serving on the Avon Board of Education. She is Policy Committee Chair and serves on the Finance subcommittee. Laura has lived in Avon for 14 years with her husband Jim. They raised two children here, both going through the public schools and graduating from Avon High School.

Laura has been an active community volunteer for many years, leading the effort to rebuild the Avon Middle School tennis courts and install lights, serving on the Avon Land Trust Board as Secretary, AHS PTO Board as Vice President and Co-President, and more recently having been elected to public office.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Masters of Social Work. She is currently working in after school child care, enjoys travel and sightseeing, beachcombing, and cooking with friends and family.

Why I’m Running

Serving on the Avon Board of Education holds tremendous legal responsibility under State Statute and the Town Charter including but not limited to being expected to “establish educational priorities” while also having to “finance at a reasonable level an educational program designed to achieve this end.”

During my term over the last four years, my goal has been to be a leader who listens and responds with effective solutions, someone who seeks financial transparency and cost savings where appropriate, someone who helps establish effective Policy and in general, someone who makes decisions with a focus on the best interests of students, while remaining fiscally responsible.

While serving under a Democratic majority, my colleagues and I have worked collaboratively in a bipartisan manner to elect an excellent Superintendent of Schools. We have made mental health and wellness an educational priority and reinstated Social Workers. We have increased transparency by insisting that all Regular Meetings of the Board of Education be videotaped and aired for public broadcasting. We have re-allocated funds to make significant school security infrastructure improvements and also re-instated a School Resource Officer at the high school.

We have managed public funds with integrity and negotiated one of the lowest teacher contracts in the State. We have made academic achievement for all a priority and fought to keep academic supports in place including the AHS Student Assistance Center Tutor position. Avon Public Schools face a number of challenges not unlike other Connecticut small towns. Budget uncertainties at a State level, particularly unfunded mandates and underfunded teacher pension issues, steady enrollment, aging infrastructure and rising health care costs will likely linger. If elected, I will continue to strive for excellence in public education and to be a leader who is budget-wise and student-centered.

Thank you,

Laura Young

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BOARD OF FINANCE:  Ellen Retelle  |  Catherine Lester Salchert | Wendy Tangman

ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS:  Eileen Carroll | Christy Yaros

BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS:  Kimberly Kersey | Bob Yass

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